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Our Mission

To provide an interactive message center for our dedicated employees, patrons, and family members to re-connect with one another.

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Please note that the recent opening of China Sails in Lynn, MA is by no means affiliated with the "Original" Dave Wong's China Sails.

Company Profile

Dave Wong was a Big Dreamer!

After WWII, he had a vision to settle down, start a family and open a world class Chinese restaurant outside of Boston.  Dave felt it was time to bring his style of Polynesian/Chinese cuisine to his customers and break away from the traditional norm of being grouped with other Chinese restaurants in Bostonís Chinatown.

Dave found an opportunity in Salem, Massachusetts, a traditional working class community, to purchase an existing Chinese restaurant, called Red Sails.  Dave felt that the name itself denoted Communism and changed it to a more customer friendly name and called his restaurant, China Sails.

In 1949, Dave opened his first restaurant in Salem, Massachusetts and it took off from Day 1.  He quickly expanded his business to Revere (Point of Pines) and Chestnut Hill (nearby the tennis center and Boston College).  With the popularity of Shopping Centers and Malls, he then expanded his business to Peabodyís Northshore Shopping Center and Danverís Liberty Tree Mall.

This web page is dedicated to the thousand of employees and patrons who helped Dave realize his dreams.  This site is also to honor the memory of my parents, Dave and Doris Wong and my Big sister, Debbie Wong.

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From: dougswong <dougswong@aol.com>
To: waldmansherry <waldmansherry@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thu, Jun 7, 2012 12:27 pm
Subject: Re: china sails
Hi Sheldon and Freda,
On behalf of your friends at China Sails in Revere, I wanted to send you a sincere and warm congratulations of 50 years of marriage. When my dad started China Sails back in 1949, his mission was to bring his style of Chinese cusine to his Northshore customers and to create indelible memories.
I believe we accomplish that mission for both of you on your first date! Thanks so much for allowing us to be part of this milestone celebration.
Wishing you and yours many more happy memories!
Warm regards,
Doug Wong
-----Original Message
From: sherry waldman <waldmansherry@yahoo.com>
To: dougswong <dougswong@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, Jun 5, 2012 8:26 am
Subject: Re: china sails

Hi Doug,

Last time I will bug you promise! Nothing online was currently for sale so what i ended up doing was create a memory book with pictures online for my parents to celebrate their 50th anniversary including photos of dave wong china sail mugs! with the book being called commitment, love and chinese food (chinese food was a big part of my family growing up).
Would you mind just writing a happy anniversary well wishes 1 or two liner on this email and sign your name so I can include it in the memory book? I know its alot to ask but would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks in advance for your help, your family spread alot of love and great times with their chinese food and will always be remembered!
My parents names are Sheldon and Freda Feibel celebrating 50 years of marriage and it all started at china sails in revere!
Thanks again-Sherry

From: Rick Mintz
To: Doug.Wong@chinasails.com
Sent: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 10:59 pm
Subject: China Sails

WOW. What great memories.
We used to go there most Sundays when I was young. We were living in Malden at the time. I remember always on the table was Guy Poo Won Ton and Char Su Din (hope I got the spelling correct). I have never seen Guy Poo Won Ton anywhere else.... I still crave it.
Dave always had a huge smile and was considered a friend of the family. He was even invited to my Bar Mitzvah!
Rick Mintz  - Macedon, NY 14502  
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From: Maryanne Mahoney
To: Doug.Wong@chinasails.com
Sent: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 1:57 am
Subject: China Sails

Dear Wong Family,
    You have no idea how many lives your family's restaurant affected. Sorry to say I'm out in Houston Tx now, but I grew up in Marblehead and sadly left when I was 15. I've been gone for over 45 years yet I can still taste your daddy's food! My parents, my brothers and I all grew up eating your Dad's fantastic Chinese cuisine in Salem. Some days, when the air is just right here, I can even manufacture the taste of those ribs, the S&S Chicken, egg rolls w/ duck sauce in my memory. I can't stand it! I just want to jump on a plane and come back even if it's just for the evening. Please tell me that you have continued his rich heritage and kept the recipes sacred and true, and that you're still in business and going strong somewhere! I Will Be There!!!
Thanks for all the wonderful times,
Maryanne Mahoney
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From: Kish, Susan
Subject: China Sails
I grew up in Salem, remember Debbie from SHS, she was a few years older than me but if my memory serves me correctly, was a cheerleader.  Anyway,  I adored China Sails.  I now live in Switzerland and my mother was recently visiting me and we started talking about my 8th grade graduation dinner at CS Salem and I can even remember where we were sitting, that big table in the corner when you came in past the front counter and walked straight into the restaurant. 
Every Saturday night during Junior and Senior year in HS my friends and I would all go there after a night dancing at some horrible place.  At least our dinner was delicious!

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From: Chuck Swartz 
To: Doug.Wong@chinasails.com
Sent: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 9:54 am
Subject: China Sails

I was searching the internet for a reference to your dad (he provided me with many great memories) and I found your web site.  Thanks for keeping the memories alive.

Chuck Swartz
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Dear Mr. Wong,

Hello from a family of loyal China Sails Customers from the 1960's..

My mom and her family are from Lynn, Mass and as a kid in the 60's we were always treated with the very best food and service at the China Sails in Chestnut Hill. It was my very first experience in Asian cuisine and I have always picked Chinese food over anything else when we had a choice!

Recently we started a reunion idea for our cousins club. My mom, age 88 and her generation used to have yearly reunions in Lynn but there are just a few of her generation left and now the Boomers are reassembling for the first time since the early 70's Memorial Day Weekend in Lynnfield, Mass!

I am trying desperately to put together a collage of our favorite places that we went to. I would love to get a 60's postcard, menu, matches ANYTHING that said China Sails on it for my collage or memory board. I would be more than happy to pay postage, etc if you would let me know if you have something like this or know who might. I tried Craigslist already and had no luck.

Is it true that you now have a restaurant there in that area and the name/

Thank you so much sir for the wonderful memories that your Dad gave the whole Slossberg ( Hartford  CT ) and Cogan ( Lynn Mass) families!


Joanne S. Kelly

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